Kanopy @ SNC

Upcoming changes to Kanopy @ SNC

Over the past two years SNC’s use of streaming video has grown and has become an important piece of the Mulva Library’s Collection and services. However, the demand and cost of providing unfettered and unlimited access through the Kanopy streaming platform has grown to the point that its costs can no longer be sustained. Last fiscal year, the library spent $11,500 to provide unlimited Kanopy access to the SNC community.

In order to control costs but still be able to provide SNC faculty and student with access to Kanopy films that meet curricular and research needs, the Mulva Library will be changing how SNC users access materials from Kanopy.

Starting May 18th the Mulva Library will be switching to a mediated model through Kanopy. You will continue to have access to all of the films that have been previously licensed through Kanopy for the term of their licenses, but if you try and view a film that has not been licensed by SNC, you will now see a request form like the one below.

Kanopy form to request a video

If you complete the form and place a request for the film, this request will be passed along to library staff. A library staff member will then follow up with you about your use of the requested film, what class it will be used in, how students will access the film, and when the film should be made available.

A current list of films that the Mulva Library licenses through Kanopy can be found @ SNC Kanopy Reserve List. If you have any questions about Kanopy or how this change might affect your use of streaming media in the classroom, please contact Mitchell Scott (mitchell.scott@snc.edu).