Mulva Library budget reductions for FY21

FY21 Planning

In response to the College’s need to reduce operating expenses for FY21, the Mulva Library has planned for a reduction in expenditures. In order to absorb this budget reduction, yet retain services and collections that are integral to SNC faculty, staff, and students, the Mulva Library has prepared for a reduction of traditional expenditures and the cancellation of underutilized or cost prohibitive resources.

Below you will see an itemized list of reductions and cancellations for FY21. When appropriate, a spreadsheet of journal titles has been included for review. If you have any feedback, or would like to discuss these budget reductions and cancellations in more detail, please contact Mitchell Scott @

Collection Reductions:

Discipline book budgets will be reduced. You’ll be notified of your new departmental book budget via email in July. The Mulva Library hopes that the remaining departmental allocations allow faculty to purchase items that meet timely curricular and research needs. Please contact library staff to discuss alternate access to books or physical materials that have traditionally been purchased with departmental budgets and may be affected by this reduction.

Kanopy streaming will be mediated to prioritize curricular use. Expenditures for Kanopy access have continued to grow and have outpaced the library’s ability to provide unlimited access. Kanopy content will still be available via a request process. Please see our FAQ page for more info.

Collection Cancellations:

*Mulva Library splits payments for e-resources across multiple fiscal years. Therefore, the renewal cost does not represent the actual budgetary reductions for FY21 as a renewal is split across multiple fiscal years.


Using vendor and locally managed usage data, the Mulva Library is proposing to cancel the following databases. If you are a frequent user of these databases, please contact the library to discuss alternatives.

NameCost to renew*Access ends
HAPI Online$1,856July 1,2020
Access World News (includes Milwaukee Journal Sentenal)$3,870August 1, 2020
Alexander Street videos$5,370August 1, 2020
Cabell’s Scholarly Analytics$3,165September 1,2020
ARTstor$4,019January 1,2021


Using vendor and locally managed usage data, the Mulva Library is proposing to cancel the following journals/journal packages. If you are a frequent user of these journals, please contact the library to discuss alternative access options.

NameCost to renew*Access ends
Elsevier Social & Behavioral Sciences Journal Package (Journal title list below)$21,255January 1, 2021
Electronic Journal subscriptions (Journal title list below)$27,299January 1, 2021
Print Journal subscriptions (Journal title list below)$2,046January 1,2021

Other Library Reductions/Cancellations

  1. WI Library Van Delivery Network-Starting June 1,2020 the library will receive deliveries from WI libraries only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We hope this reduction does not decrease the turn around time of physical materials requested through Document Delivery.
  2. Library Chat Service-Starting October 1, 2020 the library will end its chat service with the commercial provider. If you frequently use this service, please contact Alaina Morales, , to discuss alternate way to communicate with library staff.